Martini Time

Martini Time

October 11, 2013

When Grandpa Means Business - Well, Sort of...

This week, I found out that my 3yo will be going on a real live field trip this coming Tuesday. As in, on a bus, to a public place. Lots of kids, not a lot of adults. IN. PUBLIC.

I was all but shaking until I left her preschool that morning so I called my husband. He laughed at me and told me I was nuts. Thanks, dear. So I called my Dad. He was equally taken a back by the thought of my daughter on a bus and roaming around in public, or at least he pretended to be, but assured me she would be fine and not to worry.


He sent the below e-mail to my husband and copied me:

Randy -

I just had a crazy-frantic, half-conversation, half-incoherent-babbling with your wife.

Just so you know, I am on board with letting Ryleigh go on her little field trip. She'll be fine. The wheels on the bus go 'round and 'round!

With that being said, I am bringing a surgically implanted tracking device when I visit this weekend that I will fit her with so Jenn doesn't worry. As an additional precaution I have instructed Jenn to Ziploc baggie one pair of sweaty pajamas of Ryleigh's so as to use if bloodhounds need to be brought in. Additionally, if necessary, I will procure a metal detector to scour the 6 acres of farm - her lodged penny should make it easy to locate her in a jiffy (Editor's Note: Yes, my daughter swallowed a penny. No it hasn't come out yet). I could also have a drone hover above the corn maze as an added precaution - I'll just need the latitude and longitude of said location.

Jenn - Take. A. Breath.
Randy - Buy. Her. Wine.

No worries,

And THAT, my friends, is reason number eleventy billion and three that I love my Dad!

Wrapped around her finger...

**Side Note: Preschool said I can be present when the kids board the bus, follow behind the bus and chaperone the field trip if I'd like to. I have opted not to mainly because the behavior of any child is always better in proportion to the distance away from their parents and this is very, VERY true of my daughter. So, her teacher has promised to send me pictures and texts throughout the trip. Don't freak out. This is about my Dad's funny e-mail. Mmkay? Oh, and also, my daughter has been seen by and is being monitored by a doctor for the missing penny.**


  1. I love this! It sounds so much like something my dad would say - but to *my* mom, who we used to call the Queen of the Wonderful World of What-if.
    But - 3yo on a bus field trip? I might be concerned too. I didn't let my 5yo go on her first field trip - but mostly because the school was taking them to a sketchy part of the city, and the permission slip they wanted me to sign relieved them of ALL liability, including negligence. I just *couldn't* bring myself to sign it.

    1. OMGosh, I love your mom's nickname! The sketchy part of town thing would definitely throw me back too. I don't blame you...

  2. I absolutely adore this story and your dad is pretty darn awesome! Now take a deep breath mama. :)

  3. Rebecca WerkheiserOctober 11, 2013 at 3:17 PM

    this is fantastic, and it's easy to see where you get your funny from.

  4. I love this so much. This is the kind of dad I wish I had had...but that I'm lucky that my girls have! Awesome!!

  5. I'm with you all the way. My son swallowed a penny that he told me was a quarter. The bad kind of penny but we lucked out. It exited (while I was away and my husband was at home).
    My son went on a field trip this spring but my family let me worry without poking fun. I think the poking fun would have made it easier. And he loved the bus.

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